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Nuria AlcarazSolo Exhibitions


  • Ramón Portuondo Wakonigg. “De ovejas y sutilezas”. Madrid.

Group Exhibitions


  • XII Biennial of Art “Ciudad de Albacete”.
  • “Tres miradas : lo onírico, lo vegetal, lo orgánico”. Fundation Pons (Madrid).


  • “Pintoras del Siglo XXI”. Exhibition Hall of the Sede del Distrito de Retiro (Madrid).
  • “75 International Arts  Exhibition Valdepeñas”. Valdepeñas.
    Work acquired by private collection.
  • XI Biennial of Art “Ciudad de Albacete”.


  • 74 International Art Exhibition. Cultural Center “La Confianza”. Valdepeñas. (Download catalog)
  • Art by Piura. Charity art exhibition. Ansorena Exhibition Hall. Madrid
  • XXI Century painters. Showroom El Retiro. Madrid


  • XLIV Competition-Exhibition “Ciudad de Tomelloso 2012”. Museum López Torres, Tomelloso. (Download catalog)


  • VII Arts Biennial “Ciudad de Albacete”.


  • Galery Marina Miranda. “Mujeres en Marina Miranda”. Madrid.


“I was a placid girl brimful of dreams.
Little witty head that made-up over one thousand and one games.
Monumental painter with small crayons,
Haute couture dressmaker making paper clothes for dolls.
Mother to lots of Nancys1, pitirolas2 and some cuddly dog.
Queen of Curdilandia3 and wife of a pattisier.
Sister to my sister and to the whole first grade.
Occasional thinker at break time.
Commander-in-chief in the battle against the third grade troops,
Little gypsy, Frenchy, nurse or combatant.
Grown-up sometimes and others just a child.
Little wide-eyed monkey,
Quick-witted but naïve like a child’s play.
I was who I was, I am who I can.”


1 and 2: typical Spanish dolls very popular in the 1970s.
3: imaginary land.


Nuria Alcaraz, Castellón de la Plana (Spain), July 6, 1965.

I have been painting, colouring, cutting out and sticking all my life.

However, the matter was postponed temporarily at that moment when you think that become an adult involves, among other things, choosing a career; the best possible one to secure your future in the long term. Ideas of a wrong education.

To be fair, I must say that I was never sure about what I wanted to devote the rest of my life to; among other things because the rest of my life meant to me too long a time to do just a single thing. In view of that I started to try different things. For some time I was actively involved with youth activism dealing in particular with the area of gender issues.

Later I got the itch for media studies and so I entered the CEV School (Escuela Superior de Comunicación, Imagen y Sonido) to become a camera operator. This experience proved to be really useful, especially when I took part in the making of some short films as a scriptwriter and as an occasional actress too. In fact, acting had always been for me a long wished aspiration that fortunately became a reality when I took a one-year course in performing arts at the Cuarta Pared (theatre school).

In the meantime… I kept on painting, colouring, cutting out and sticking. But suddenly music appeared. At this stage of my life, in my late twenties, I discovered a fresh pleasure in that and at the same time I felt that I had to find a way to take an active part in the music scene. Consequently, I decided to study a degree in Music Education (BEd in Music Ed.) in firm accordance with my deep desire to train students not merely in musical virtuosity – conservatoires were created for this purpose- but also in the very pleasure of the experience as well as to foster in them a taste for music and a sound judgment. So, after graduating from UCM University I started my teaching practice, from this experience I came to the conclusion that the scope of our education system was too narrow for me.

In the meantime… there I was, painting, colouring, cutting out and sticking the remnants of a life full of ups and downs.
And it was at the turn of the new century that, still recovering from a surgery, I saw the light at last: I realised that I wanted to paint, colour, cut out and stick professionally.

And so I did it; with the stitches still tight I embarked on a new adventure; I joined the Estudio Sotomesa (art studio).
From then on painting and plastic creation became the leitmotif of my life.

Today, I really understand that, unavoidably, it would not have been possible for me to be anything else when I grew up.

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